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What we do

We collaborate with businesses to uncover their unique value propositions and use that to articulate an intelligent strategy that customers feel connected to.

Clear, consistent messaging is a shortcut to trust, and a clarifying agent in decision- making. It's that important.

Take an unvarnished look at your what your customer reads about you. Is it consistent? Is it quickly understood? Does it speak to an important truth your customer is facing?

"I've found as a consultant, there is immense value in having a third party opinion.
Rebecca acted as that helpful third party by helping me create my new tag line, bio and website copy. She helped me take years of work in different fields and disciplines and marry them together in a clear, value-driven statement that captures all that I do.
My theme for 2020 is level up. That's exactly what she helped me accomplish."

we will help you

  • Understand what is unique and valuable about what you do

  • Position your offering for the business you want

  • Present your work with confidence


One of our favorite ways to make an impact is to rewrite a value proposition.
Simply listing titles isn't an effective way to generate interest, it's asking people to imagine how they might need you.


Here, she speaks directly to C-Suite executives charged with guiding their companies into future success.

Our process uncovers what's essential about your offering.

In a world of jargon, say something real

Our process helps you identify and articulate the business you want through ↓

  • Uncovering value propositions

  • Writing compelling copy

  • Coaching individuals

  • Consulting to companies

Who's doing the work?

Rebecca Thomas is a deft strategist and writer with two-plus decades of entrepreneurial experience.

She speaks the language of business, hold the jargon.

"I've long been a fan of clear, meaningful writing for business. The kind that's hard to find and produces results. I decided to remedy that."

No Time Like The Present

Are you struggling to describe the value your provide?
Your customer isn't getting it either.

Let's fix that.

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